Hampton bay led lights

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Hampton bay led lights

The classic light bulb has reliably supplied the households with light for many years. However, the technique of the 19th century is very old and therefore has some serious disadvantages to advanced technologies such as LED lamps . Except for the low purchase price, there is not much to say about this outdated light source. In the meantime, politics have banned the most consuming light bulbs, so you have to worry about how to illuminate your home, whether it is good or not. The main advantages of LED compared to the conventional light bulb are summarized here:

  • Up to 90% electricity savings compared to light bulbs (calculate for yourself in the electricity saving calculator )
  • Hardly heat generation, less fire hazard
  • Significantly longer service life of up to 50,000 operating hours
  • Low energy consumption and low heat generation

Hampton bay’s LED lamp can save a lot of energy compared to a conventional light bulb. Up to 90% less energy is consumed with an LED bulb to produce the same brightness as an incandescent lamp. How is that? The light bulb is actually a radiator rather than a light source, because about 95% of the energy is converted into heat and only the rest in light.

Hampton bay brings the latest technology of LED lights in your own house. At our online shop you can find all kinds of LED lights and choose your preferred one. We offer them in various prices, forms, colors and designs. Except of just saving energy, our item help you getting a luxurious view for your home.

The slightly higher purchase price of a Hampton’s bay LED lamp as opposed to a light bulb (if one can still buy it at all) is paid for on the one hand by the high current savings and on the other hand by the significantly longer life of LED bulbs very quickly. While an incandescent bulb can only be used for an average of 1,000 hours of operation, LED lamps with up to 50,000 hours have a very long life. Also, LED lamps are vibration resistant and have no problems with frequent switching on and off.


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