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Caring For Your Hampton Bay Blinds

Care For Your Hampton Bay Vertical Blinds

If you are lucky enough to acquire hampton bay blinds, then you will know that they offer both beauty to your home or office and provide an excellent shield from sun rays during the day. You will need to take good care of your hampton bay blinds and louvers, you can do this by following these essential instructions for caring for your hampton bay vertical blinds.

Caring For Your Aluminium Louvers

To clean your hampton bay aluminium louvers, you will need to use mild detergent and a soft damp micro-fibre cloth to wipe the louvers clean.

Cleaning And Caring For Your Vinyl Louvers

You can also use a damp cloth with mild detergent to wipe clean your vinyl louvers and by leaving a thin film of the mild detergent on the vinyl louvers, you can get rid of static electricity.

To eliminate static electricity you can also rub on a dry sheet on each vinyl louver. If you have hampton bay wood slats, then you can just wipe them using a damp micro-fibre cloth, you can then give the wood slats a proper shine using furniture polish.

For fabric louvers, you can give them an occasional vacuuming, however for fabrics that are soiled one way or another you can try these three (3) cleaning processes.

  1. Allow the the soiled portion to properly dry and see if you can gently remove it from the fabric.
  2. Use warm water to carefully scrub the fabric.
  3. Use dish washing soap and carefully scrub off the soiled portion with warm water.

You should know that your hampton bay blinds need to be handled with care, for example your vertical blinds or louvers must be fully open before traversing. If your blinds are corded then you should use both hands as you attempt to pull the cord, with one hand on each of the strands.


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