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Features Of The Hampton Bay Ac-552 Manual

Follow The Instructions

If you have a hampton bay Ac-552 Manual in hand, then it means you have acquired for yourself a hampton bay ceiling fan with model number Ac-552. This manual indicates the items present in the ceiling fan package and gives instructions for installation, use, safety and troubleshooting.

What’s In The Package?

Your hampton bay Ac-552 Manual will indicate the typical parts of your ceiling fan that should be in the packing carton and these parts include;

  • A Set of blades assembly (No. 5)
  • Hanger bracket
  • Downrod
  • Canopy
  • Coupling cover
  • Fan motor assembly
  • A Set of blades bracket (No. 5)
  • Pull chain and fob
  • Package hardware

(1) Mounting hardware : screws (No. 2), lock washers (No. 2), star washers (No. 2), wire nuts (No. 3) wood screws (No. 2), washers (No. 2)

(2) Blade attachment hardware: screws (No. 16), fiber washers (No. 16)

(3) Blade arm hardware: screws with lock washers (No. 11)

(4) Safety cable hardware: wood screw, lock washer, metal washer

(5) A Balance Kit

With your hampton bay Ac-552 Manual you are informed of safety measures that you should adopt while installing your ceiling fan and while you use the fan. Some safety instructions and warnings you will find in your manual include;

  • Instruction on mounting the ceiling fan including the minimum mounting clearance from the ground, which should be at least 7 feet.
  • Warning on the risk of electric shock and fire.
  • Instruction on how to operate the reverse switch. The fan should be turned off before the reverse switch is operated and the fan blades move in the opposite direction.
  • Instruction on cleaning the fan blades, you are not supposed to use water or detergent to clean the blades.

You will be required to follow all instructions in the manual if you are to benefit from any warranty on offer.



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