Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote

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Make Your Life So Much Easier With A Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote

ACs Have Remote Control, So Why Not Ceiling Fans?

You can get yourself a hampton ceiling fan today to help keep your home or office well ventilated and cool during the hot summer months. The good thing about buying a hampton bay ceiling fan is the fact that it comes equipped with a remote that is similar to your standard air conditioning unit remote control. The hampton bay ceiling fan remote makes using your ceiling fan a whole lot easier, as you can operate it’s oscillation speed with just a push of a button and it has a very good control range as well.


Features Of The Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan Remote

With your hampton bay ceiling fan remote you have access to six (6) basic functions that include;

  1. The light function.
  2. The dimmer function.

The fan oscillation speed control function including;

  1. Low fan speed control.
  2. Medium fan speed control.
  3. High fan speed control.
  4. Fan-off control function.

Your hampton bay ceiling fan remote can be used to control the light function of your hampton bay ceiling fan, this is a feature offered by hampton bay ceiling fans that make it a very pragmatic and versatile product. The ceiling fan acts as both a source of cooling and lighting, with a chandelier style lighting fixture to add elegance to your home. With the hampton bay ceiling fan remote you can either dim the light or turn it fully on.

You can also control the oscillation speed of your fan using the remote. You can regulate the speed in three (3) basic ways; by reducing it to the lowest possible speed, the medium range speed or the highest oscillation speed. The remote control also saves you the trouble of walking over to the mounted manual control to turn-off your ceiling fan, as you can conveniently do that using the hampton bay ceiling fan remote.

No stress, no worries – just relax in the comfort of your home, remote control in hand and enjoy the cooling effects of your ceiling fan.

Hampton Bay Ac-552 Manual

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Features Of The Hampton Bay Ac-552 Manual

Follow The Instructions

If you have a hampton bay Ac-552 Manual in hand, then it means you have acquired for yourself a hampton bay ceiling fan with model number Ac-552. This manual indicates the items present in the ceiling fan package and gives instructions for installation, use, safety and troubleshooting.

What’s In The Package?

Your hampton bay Ac-552 Manual will indicate the typical parts of your ceiling fan that should be in the packing carton and these parts include;

  • A Set of blades assembly (No. 5)
  • Hanger bracket
  • Downrod
  • Canopy
  • Coupling cover
  • Fan motor assembly
  • A Set of blades bracket (No. 5)
  • Pull chain and fob
  • Package hardware

(1) Mounting hardware : screws (No. 2), lock washers (No. 2), star washers (No. 2), wire nuts (No. 3) wood screws (No. 2), washers (No. 2)

(2) Blade attachment hardware: screws (No. 16), fiber washers (No. 16)

(3) Blade arm hardware: screws with lock washers (No. 11)

(4) Safety cable hardware: wood screw, lock washer, metal washer

(5) A Balance Kit

With your hampton bay Ac-552 Manual you are informed of safety measures that you should adopt while installing your ceiling fan and while you use the fan. Some safety instructions and warnings you will find in your manual include;

  • Instruction on mounting the ceiling fan including the minimum mounting clearance from the ground, which should be at least 7 feet.
  • Warning on the risk of electric shock and fire.
  • Instruction on how to operate the reverse switch. The fan should be turned off before the reverse switch is operated and the fan blades move in the opposite direction.
  • Instruction on cleaning the fan blades, you are not supposed to use water or detergent to clean the blades.

You will be required to follow all instructions in the manual if you are to benefit from any warranty on offer.



Hampton Bay Arched Pergola

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Hampton Bay Arched Pergola

One Of The Most Versatile Canopies Available

Versatility Achieved

If you are looking for an outdoor canopy that offers genuine versatility and enhances your outdoor experience, then look no further than the hampton bay arched pergola. This canopy is ideal for any outdoor activity, such as;

  • Picnics.
  • Birthday parties.
  • Wedding celebration.
  • Anniversary celebration.

Basic Features Of The Hampton Bay Arched Pergola

The hampton bay arched pergola has several features that should interest you. It is made strong, flexible and durable to ensure that you make use of it for a long time after purchase. Here are some features that make this canopy truly unique.

  • The hampton bay arched pergola comes in a 9 feet by 9 feet dimension.
  • It’s framework is pure steel and aluminium. It also has an antique bronze finish done, to give it a majestic look.
  • It has tan polyester covers that can be retracted in several ways. It’s top can be rolled completely to give you, your family and guests an opportunity for star gazing at night. You can also retract the tan polyester covers to allow fresh air circulate all through the four corners of the canopy.
  • The tan polyester covers can be lowered to provide sufficient shade from the elements, as well as to provide you with some privacy.

You can also personalise your hampton bay arched pergola by having creeper vines or plants on its steel and aluminium stands to give you a fully decorative shaded walkway to your front porch or backyard garden. You can even use it as a car and bike port and park your motorbikes under the canopy and away from the heat of the sun. At a price just under $500 you can get your very own hampton bay arched pergola and start enjoying your outdoor activities again.

Hampton Bay Blinds

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Caring For Your Hampton Bay Blinds

Care For Your Hampton Bay Vertical Blinds

If you are lucky enough to acquire hampton bay blinds, then you will know that they offer both beauty to your home or office and provide an excellent shield from sun rays during the day. You will need to take good care of your hampton bay blinds and louvers, you can do this by following these essential instructions for caring for your hampton bay vertical blinds.

Caring For Your Aluminium Louvers

To clean your hampton bay aluminium louvers, you will need to use mild detergent and a soft damp micro-fibre cloth to wipe the louvers clean.

Cleaning And Caring For Your Vinyl Louvers

You can also use a damp cloth with mild detergent to wipe clean your vinyl louvers and by leaving a thin film of the mild detergent on the vinyl louvers, you can get rid of static electricity.

To eliminate static electricity you can also rub on a dry sheet on each vinyl louver. If you have hampton bay wood slats, then you can just wipe them using a damp micro-fibre cloth, you can then give the wood slats a proper shine using furniture polish.

For fabric louvers, you can give them an occasional vacuuming, however for fabrics that are soiled one way or another you can try these three (3) cleaning processes.

  1. Allow the the soiled portion to properly dry and see if you can gently remove it from the fabric.
  2. Use warm water to carefully scrub the fabric.
  3. Use dish washing soap and carefully scrub off the soiled portion with warm water.

You should know that your hampton bay blinds need to be handled with care, for example your vertical blinds or louvers must be fully open before traversing. If your blinds are corded then you should use both hands as you attempt to pull the cord, with one hand on each of the strands.


Hampton Bay Doorbell Button

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Stylish And Simplistic Hampton Bay Doorbell Button For Your Home


You can get your home a stylish yet simplistic hampton bay doorbell button for the main entrance door of your home. To make it easy for family and guests to get your attention and alert you to their presence no matter where your are in your home.

One very popular hampton bay doorbell button you can acquire today is the Hampton Bay Wireless Push Button, Brushed Nickel. This doorbell button is a great replacement push button that is ideal for your installed doorbell system. You can use this doorbell button with virtually any Hampton Bay Doorbell system or even other doorbell system belonging to other brands, such as the Zenith Wireless Doorbell.

The hampton bay doorbell button is very easy to install and it can be installed in a short period of time, in just a quarter of an hour or 15 minutes you can have the doorbell button fixed to your doorbell system and ready for use. The Hampton Bay Wireless Push Button, Brushed Nickel comes with a smooth and stylish Brushed Nickel finish; installation is done by surface mounting using a double-sided tape or trusty screws.

There is battery included with this doorbell button and it has a transmission range of up to 150 feet. You get a door chime ring tone type with this hampton bay doorbell button and with a transmission range of up to 150 feet, you can be sure to hear the doorbell ring whenever your family and friends press on the button.

You can order for a Hampton Bay Wireless Push Button, Brushed Nickel doorbell button from any Home Depot Store outlet today and at a price of just under $13 you get a doorbell button that is both stylish and durable.


Hampton bay led lights

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Hampton bay led lights

The classic light bulb has reliably supplied the households with light for many years. However, the technique of the 19th century is very old and therefore has some serious disadvantages to advanced technologies such as LED lamps . Except for the low purchase price, there is not much to say about this outdated light source. In the meantime, politics have banned the most consuming light bulbs, so you have to worry about how to illuminate your home, whether it is good or not. The main advantages of LED compared to the conventional light bulb are summarized here:

  • Up to 90% electricity savings compared to light bulbs (calculate for yourself in the electricity saving calculator )
  • Hardly heat generation, less fire hazard
  • Significantly longer service life of up to 50,000 operating hours
  • Low energy consumption and low heat generation

Hampton bay’s LED lamp can save a lot of energy compared to a conventional light bulb. Up to 90% less energy is consumed with an LED bulb to produce the same brightness as an incandescent lamp. How is that? The light bulb is actually a radiator rather than a light source, because about 95% of the energy is converted into heat and only the rest in light.

Hampton bay brings the latest technology of LED lights in your own house. At our online shop you can find all kinds of LED lights and choose your preferred one. We offer them in various prices, forms, colors and designs. Except of just saving energy, our item help you getting a luxurious view for your home.

The slightly higher purchase price of a Hampton’s bay LED lamp as opposed to a light bulb (if one can still buy it at all) is paid for on the one hand by the high current savings and on the other hand by the significantly longer life of LED bulbs very quickly. While an incandescent bulb can only be used for an average of 1,000 hours of operation, LED lamps with up to 50,000 hours have a very long life. Also, LED lamps are vibration resistant and have no problems with frequent switching on and off.


Hampton Bay Posada

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Liven-Up Your Outdoor Experience With A Hampton Bay Posada

Outdoors Just Got A Little More Exciting

The best place to be during the summer months is outdoors. You can get to enjoy the fresh air and scenic beauty with family and friends, while you treat yourself to a refreshingly cold drink. With the hampton bay posada 7-piece Decorative Outdoor Patio Dining Set with Gray Cushions and six(6) Seats, you can truly have a worthwhile outdoor experience.

The hampton bay posada comes with six (6) comfy seats and a glass table for you to sit back and relax while you read a book or have a nice meal with family and close friends. The six (6) chairs consist of two (2) seats with arms and the four (4) others without arm rests, they are also designed using timeless wicker basket weaves incorporated with the cast aluminium frame to give an elegant and classic look to your outdoor dining set. The cushions are soft and extremely comfortable, you can easily fall asleep as you sink into the seat on a breezy summer afternoon.

Features Of The Hampton Bay Posada Dining Set

With your hampton bay posada 7-piece dining set you get the following features.

  • With your hampton bay posada outdoor dining set, you get seven (7) pieces. Six (6) chairs and a table.
  • Six (6) cast aluminium swivel chairs with wicker basket weaves.
  • Two (2) chairs with arms and four (4) without arm rests.
  • The chair dimension are as follows – 41 inches in assembled height, 30 inches in assembled depth and 27 inches in assembled width.
  • A single Aluminium Patio Glass table.
  • Dimension of the glass table – 82 inches in assembled length and 42 inches in assembled width.

You can buy this outdoor dining set from any Home Depot Store and the price is just under $500.


Hampton Bay NY

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Excellent Repair Service Delivery From Hampton Bay NY 

New York, New York… 

If you are living in New York and you have Hampton Bay products that are in urgent need of maintenance or repair you can engage the services of competent technicians from Hampton Bays, NY service centers. You may also need help with the installation of your Hampton Bay products like ceiling fans and light fixtures, with a certified installer from a Hampton Bays, NY service center you will be provided with excellent service delivery and on a 24/7 schedule to meet your specific needs.

24/7 Service Delivery

Whether you are a busy executive living in New York and you don’t have time to install your recently acquired Hampton Bay product, you can hire a service provider from any of the Hampton Bays, NY service centers to help you assemble and install your Hampton Bay product. You can be sure that the time of day is not a problem, as they offer 24 Hour, 7 days a week service to help meet your pressing needs.

Hampton Bays, NY Service Centers

You can get in touch with a competent Hampton Bay product installer and maintenance technician from any of the following service centers in the New York area.

Some of the service centers that you can call for a quotation and work schedule include the following;

  • After Hour Appliance Repair –

777 County Line Road, Unit 23B

Amityville, NY 11701

Serving Hampton Bays, NY

(678) 798-3597.

  • Fleet Appliance, Corp. –

501 C West Main Street

Patchogue, NY 11772

Serving Hampton Bays, NY

(866) 870-6504.

  • Faithful Appliance Repair –

1 Happy Acres Drive

Appliances & Repair

Shirley, NY 11967

Serving Hampton Bays, NY

(866) 589-6752

  • Nifty Lifty Appliance Repair –

3405 Bonita St

Suitland, MD 20746

Serving Hampton Bays, NY

(866) 840-3626

You no longer have to worry about getting adequate maintenance for your Hampton Bay products as there is a Hampton Bays, NY service center just around the corner.


Hampton Bay Website

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Information On The Hampton Bay Website 

A Major Brand

Hampton Bay is a major brand for the Home Depot store and this store is responsible for the sale of all Hampton Bay products. So rather than there being a hampton bay website there is actually the Home Depot website (www.homedepot.com) which serves as a center for all online sales, enquiry, complaint and replacement part order for Hampton Bay products.

Placing An Online Order

You can place an order for a Hampton Bay product from the Home Depot website by opening a free online account with the store and login in to and purchasing items that will be added to your online cart. So if you are searching the Web for the hampton bay website you may come up stuck.

Order For Replacement Parts Online

If you have a Hampton Bay product like one of their ceiling fans and you have need to replace a part from the ceiling fan, like its Globe, Blades or even Downrod; you can order for the replacement part online as well. While there is no hampton bay website to connect to, you can login to your Home Depot online account and by providing the customer support the part or model number of your Hampton Bay product, you will be informed on the availability and price of the needed item and you can then purchase the replacement part by placing an order for it using your credit or debit card. Home Depot also takes care of the shipping of all purchased items.

Customer Support

If you have any need for customer support, you can also call the customer support number of Home Depot or you can login to your online account and fill out an online enquiry form and you will be attended to in good time. You can even engage in real-time chat with a Home Depot customer representative for instant response to your enquiries.