Hampton bay ceiling fans

So you just got back from work tired as usual and sunk into your comfy sofa, but forgot to turn on your ceiling fan and your home is quite stuffy and humid. If you have a hampton bay ceiling fans, you don’t have to get up and walk over to the control switch in order to turn on the ceiling fan.

All you need to do is pick up the handheld remote control from your sofa, turn on your ceiling fan and relax as the cool air from the fan helps you to fall asleep in no time.

Features Of The Hampton Bay ceiling fans

With your hampton bay ceiling fans you get the following main features;

  • The hampton bay ceiling fans comes with five (5) reversible rosewood and black coloured blades.
  • This ceiling fan has a transitional design and style.
  • The craftsmanship and finishing of this ceiling fan is an oil rubbed bronze finish.
  • It has a powerful motor with a dimension of 172 mm by 17 mm and produces more than 5,000 CFM of power. It is reversible during the winter season.
  • This ceiling fan has a handheld remote control consisting of both speed and light controls.
  • The ceiling fan comes with 3 to 40 Watts candelabra bulbs that is included with the unit.
  • The hampton bay ceiling fans is suitable for rooms with a minimum size of 12 ft. X 12 ft. and a maximum room size of 20 ft. X 20 ft.

You deserve the best, so when next you need to get yourself a ceiling fan that will provide you with the convenience of a handheld remote control, excellent cooling and stylish decor; you can go for a hampton bay ceiling fans.

A downrod is the galvanised pipe rod that is used in holding up the motor and blades of your ceiling fan. It is the downrod that extends from the ceiling hook and then it is connected to your ceiling fan motor and keeps it steady while your it is operational and your ceiling fan blades are moving.

Whenever you buy Hampton Bay ceiling fans, the hampton bay downrod is part of the features included in the purchased unit. They come in a standard length that you can adjust either by cutting it or extending it’s length by joining. If you have a low ceiling home, you may consider cutting off the extra length on the downrod; on the other hand if your ceiling is quite high you could consider adjusting the length of the downrod by joining a galvanised pipe to it.

To avoid complications however, you will need to engage the services of an expert welder to help you out with a good welding job and ensure the stability of the downrod.

What’s The Job Of The Hampton Bay ceiling fans Downrod?

With a hampton bay downrod you can be sure of the following benefits;

  • The downrod helps to hold the motor and blades of the ceiling fan and keep them from falling to the ground.
  • The hampton bay downrod provides stability to the ceiling fan while it is functional. You will need to adjust the downrod during the installation of your ceiling fan to ensure that the motor and blades are stable while the ceiling fan is on and functioning.

If you have need to change your hampton bay ceiling fans, you can get replacement parts from a Home Depot Store new you and when you do, you will be able to obtain a standard downrod length and amend it to your preferred installation length.

There are several Hampton Bay ceiling fans that you can buy for your home today. However, if you are looking for a Hampton Bay ceiling fan that will compliment the interior decor of your home, while providing you with consistent cooling all through the day, then you should get yourself a Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans. This ceiling fan will compliment the aesthetics and beauty of your home and add to your interior decoration.

Basic Features Of The Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans

When procuring your Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans you should know that each unit comes with some basic features, some of which include the following;

  • A powerful ceiling fan motor assembly.
  • A set of five (5) blades assembly.
  • A durable hanger bracket.
  • A standard length downrod.
  • Coupling cover.
  • Canopy.
  • A standard pull chain and fob.